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Sunday, May 5th @3PM

YoFi Artist Talk:

Lola Menthol is a Filipino American DJ, singer/songwriter, producer and illustrator born and raised in Yonkers, New York. 

She's created animated projects for the Los Angeles Civil/Human Rights and Equity Department, various music labels, and renowned companies like Boba Guys. She's also worked in animated film/television production for companies like Viacom, DNEG, and Netflix.


Lola is also a creator and thought leader in the NFT/Web3 space curating live music, fine art, and film events. She has been invited to participate on numerous panels speaking about the new technology and business model behind NFTs. 

Lola Menthol is a force of nature. Her talent doesn’t stop with music: Films, dancing, and painting are also some of the ways she expresses herself and her art. Vibrant and enthusiastic, this talented artist blurs the line of where the artist finishes and the art begins.. She has such a deep connection with her creations that she blends with them to become a living part of her work. Her approach is so vivid and rich of powerful emotions that it goes straight to the point, and it is natural to associate her with her music. - Planet Singer

In this talk, Lola will share what inspires her as a creator and curator, how she approaches her work as a musician and visual artist, and what ties it all together.

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