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Filmmaker Talkback THURSDAY, APRIL 8 @8pm

(online VOD screening + Q&A)

Director: Cat Papadimitriou

YoFi Encore presents a film festival favorite! Nia on Vacation has won multiple awards including Best Actress, Best Produced Script, Best Female Filmmaker, Best Director, and Best Cinematography.

Nia is a native New Yorker weeks shy of her college graduation. Her brother Peter is a native Greek she hardly remembers. The plane ticket he gifts her will be a much needed escape from her reality – and a window into his. 

The virtual screening is accompanied by an online talkback, hosted by YoFiFest's Executive Director Dave Steck, with the film's writer and director, Cat Papadimitriou and other cast and crew guests!

Proceeds will be split between the film festival and the artist.

SCREENING LINK: After you purchase your tickets, we'll send the link to the film and the talkback. The film link will go live on Tuesday, April 6th, so you have a couple of days to watch at a time that works best for you. Then join us on Thursday, April 8th at 8pm for the Q&A. Only one ticket needed per watching party!

BONUS: Who doesn't love Greek food?? Cat will be providing us with a few "family recipes" you can prepare and nosh on during the screening or talkback. Not so nimble in the kitchen? Support a local small business and order in from a neighborhood restaurant! We'll even send some favorite Westchester recommendations. That way you support a non profit, and artist and a small business!

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