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Sunday, May 5th @2PM

YoFi Artist Talk:

Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum is a long time resident of Yonkers, a member of Community Baptist Church, and a novelist with several self-published books. In addition, she is also a playwright, screenwriter, producer and director of various theatrical works and short films significant to social causes. Hope has been instrumental in organizing and creating various programs, writing workshops and events relative to homelessness, domestic abuse and child abuse. In her efforts to further express awareness, her third self-published novel, A Gift of Sunshine, which was developed into a theatrical production, won the Betterment of Community Award. Her other novels are A Juicy Story, Delusional, Everything Necessary, Once Upon a Place in Time, The Rebirth and the SOULS series. She has created riveting stories reflecting the veracity of our society and positioning herself as a screenwriter in the new film industry paradigm. 

Her documentary, The Diary of a Mother, explored the reactive account of losing a child, also written and produced as a stage production. Her other theatrical work and films include, a gospel musical, Never Judge a book by its Cover, a short psychological thriller, The Smile of a Monster which won the audience choice award at the YoFi Fest Film Festival and debuted on Cablevision, and Hey Lover, currently streaming on TUBI. Her latest short film, Her Decision, is dedicated to bringing awareness to black maternal health disparities in a unique way.


In this talk, Hope will share what has motivated her artistic journey, the milestones along the way and why her work is designed to encourage all with courage, spirit and hope.

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