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For many, the world of experimental cinema is filled with inaccessible films that are beyond the comprehension of an average movie lover. In this class, you'll learn that nothing could be further from the truth. 


It will start with a brief discussion on the basic defining characteristics of avant-garde films and some of the techniques that are used by these artists. Then, using the work of specific filmmakers as examples, we’ll talk about all the ways in which experimental films can teach us to be more inspired filmmakers and film lovers. 

This is a FREE lecture with limited seating and general admission on a first-come, first-seated basis.

All persons 14+ are welcome.

The lecture is presented by YoFiFest Producer Kevyn Fairchild, an accomplished producer, photographer, and lecturer who approaches his work with a nod to history and a drive for innovation. 

Kevyn oversaw digital media production for the Producers Guild of America East, as well as at their annual Produced By: New York conference. He has a Bachelor’s in Film Studies from the University of Colorado Denver, and a Master’s in Media Studies from the New School and currently lives in Staten Island, New York with his husband Benjamin and their cat Gemma Grace. 

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