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This session will trace the evolution cinema from still photography to the

introduction of sound. We'll explore how the technology and structure of early cinema emerges, and how the language of cinema established in this period still dominates the art form today.

This series of lectures are designed to educate the public on topics related to the history, aesthetics, and business of film. Participants can choose to attend specific sessions, or attend all courses for a more comprehensive “film school” experience.

YoFiFest Producer and workshop presenter Kevyn Fairchild has over sixteen years of experience working with film festivals, including the Telluride Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, and the Plaza Classic Film Festival in El Paso, TX. He has a Bachelor’s in Film Studies from the University of Colorado Denver, and a Master’s in Media Studies from the New School. He is also a published photographer who has been part of exhibitions in Denver and New York.

All persons 14+ are welcome.

This is a FREE workshop with limited seating and general admission on a first-come, first-seated basis.

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